The year 2021 is now going toward half way, now is the best time to observe the front end development trends that are unfolding. we are going to provide you overview of  the most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2021.

Technology continues to evolve as humans find new ways to innovate their solutions, doing things faster and with more accuracy than they did before

In a hurry? Here are the 10 front end development trends you need to keep an eye out in 2021:

#1 The popularity of JavaScript is increasing

#2 AI-based chatbot enhance customer experience

#3 Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are getting more populars

#4 Static website are getting attention

#5 SPA – Single Page Application based website are trending

#6 No -SQL based databases are being used

#7 Motion UI experience for the end customers with animation

#8 Mobile & Tablet friendly websites & Applications

#9 Voice based search functionality

#10 API first development

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