What we do

DWP helping  businesses to research, plan,develop, test & launch web & mobile applications!

We are helping business to fill the gap for resources & technilogies needs with ondemand needs. We have packages to suites your ondemand needs.

We offer followings  services to meet your business requirements:


  • Business Planning & Requirement Analysis
  • Prototyping and Wireframing
  • Technology Selection & Software Application Architect
  • Development Process Planning
  • UI Design and Implementation
  • Mobile, IOS and Android Web Applications Development
  • Magento based Ecommerce Web Applications
  • Drupal7/8 based Web Applications development and customization
  • Web Services/RESTFul API  Implementation
  • Web Performance and Scalability
  • Version Control and Continues Integration (CI) Implementation
  • Software Delivery and Quality Process (QA)
  • Post Delivery Maintenance
  • SEO and Online Marketing Solutions
  • Team Recruitment and Management
  • Server Configuration and Setup
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring


In Application development we follows Agile Model  to complete geographical transparency, and helps to  improve profitability in your application. Our teams are trained  to work with clients around the world. Dazzling Web Planet  offers a  resources model to its clients to controlling the project duration and budget , without any loss of quality.

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